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make the dark visible - dream & think in images - change the point of view

about me - fotosachse steffen sennewald

born in early fifties in the middle of the last century behind the iron curtain i hold my 1st boxcamera with 5 years but only the leather case. later i took my 1st picture with this pouva start made from bakelite. this were simple black and white images but from medium format roll film 6cmx6cm.

an amazing new world was wide open for me now!

and later in the sixties my father got a new slr exa from ihagee... and so i started to learn the 35mm wet film processing many years from now - that's it, my passion!

and now i try my best to beware the tradional photographer's goodness's with the best om digital solutions high-tech cams and lenses, formerly known as olympus